Daily Themed Crossword 9/16/20 Answers

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Daily Themed Crossword September 16 2020 Cheats


A bird that hoots, often found in barns

  • OWL

A baseball ___, something you would wear on your head

  • CAP

Opposite of "he"

  • SHE

To be afraid of something

  • FEAR

In the middle of something

  • AMID

"___ mutual friend told me"

  • OUR

Fashionable or cultural crazes that come and go: Plural

  • FADS

Informal way of saying "no"

  • NOPE

Bruce ___, world famous martial artist and actor

  • LEE

"House of Cards" star who has won two Academy Awards, one of them for "American Beauty": 2 wds


An expert at something

  • PRO

"Much ___ about nothing"

  • ADO

Opus ___

  • DEI

Muhammad ___, a man who could float like a butterfly and sting like a bee

  • ALI

Prefix that could come before "matic" or "biography"

  • AUTO

"The Shining" actor who has won two oscars, one of them for "As Good as it Gets": 2 wds


A sore that one gets on one's eyelid (rhymes with "pie")

  • STYE

A muslim holiday (rhymes with "breed")

  • EID

A vain person's problem

  • EGO

NFL ball carriers: Abbr.

  • RBS

___ sauce, the kind you would find at a sushi bar

  • SOY

"The Devil Wears Prada" actress who has won 3 Oscars thus far: 2 wds


To repair something

  • FIX

What happens if you don't pay for your vehicle, for short

  • REPO

An ancient Greek instrument (rhymes with "fire")

  • LYRE

A referee in Baseball, for short

  • UMP

"That is very ___ to me" (highly precious)

  • DEAR

___ pressure, something one succumbs to in a group

  • PEER

The chief protagonist of "The Matrix"

  • NEO

To ___ open, as with a crowbar

  • PRY

A place one would go for a date with their mother, for example

  • SPA

"Turn that ___!" (Power it down)

  • OFF

The opposite of strong

  • WEAK

To fill something with cargo

  • LADE

"Leave the gun, take the ___" (An iconic line from "The Godfather")


Tori ___, a grammy-nominated American singer-songwriter

  • AMOS

Nickname of Philippa Middleton, the younger sister of Kate Middleton


The bottom of your shoe

  • SOLE

___ Lewis and the News

  • HUEY

Prior to, as said in poetry

  • ERE

Common abbreviation used when requesting a response to an event: Abbr

  • RSVP

The opposite of alive

  • DEAD

Gulf country that was once known as Persia

  • IRAN

What is extracted from mines

  • COAL

People who spin tunes at clubs

  • DJS

To consume food

  • EAT

Frigid and slippery

  • ICY

The rock in "on the rocks"

  • ICE

To utilise something

  • USE

To dress smartly, with "out"

  • TOG

Yoko ___, wife of a Beatle

  • ONO

Miranda ___, a supermodel who was once married to Orlando Bloom

  • KERR

A subject in college that covers past events


A smell or fragrance

  • ODOR

Harry ___, who was once senator of Virginia (rhymes with "bird")

  • BYRD

What you do at night


A dog's cry of pain (rhymes with "help")

  • YELP

A silent performer, who often wears stripes

  • MIME

A fair or convention, for short: Abbr

  • EXPO

Practice for a bout or fight

  • SPAR

Hawks have sharp ones: Plural

  • EYES

To get ready or lay the groundwork for something, for short. Abbr

  • PREP

A kind of pleasure you get at a theme park, say

  • FUN

A large passage of time which has significance. "The end of an ___"

  • ERA

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