Daily Themed Crossword 9/15/20 Answers

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Daily Themed Crossword September 15 2020 Cheats


"I ___ it!" ("I always thought so!")

  • KNEW

___ butter, an ingredient in moisturizers (Also the Mets stadium)

  • SHEA

"I did ___!" (Retort against "You did not!")

  • TOO

"Finding ___" (Disney movie about an orange clownfish)

  • NEMO

"___ and Circumstance Military Marches" (Word for a magnificent display)

  • POMP

Get ___ of (discard)

  • RID

State whose capital is Columbus

  • OHIO

"Right this minute!": Abbr.

  • ASAP


  • OLD

American journalist whose contract was recently terminated by Fox News, who hosted "The ___ Factor" and "The Radio Factor": 2 wds.


Initials of the president from 1933 to 1945

  • FDR

Floral wreath worn with a hula skirt

  • LEI

Utensil for cooking eggs or preparing bacon

  • PAN

Operating system where you would find Siri

  • IOS

Princess in the "Star Wars" movies

  • LEIA

American journalist who is the chief anchor on MSNBC and host of "The 11th Hour with ___": 2 wds.


Window ledge

  • SILL

___ Grande (river bordering Texas and Mexico)

  • RIO

Opposite of bottom

  • TOP

Most preferred, in texting shorthand

  • FAV

League that Michael Jordan used to play for: Abbr.

  • NBA

American journalist who is the Yahoo! Global News Anchor, and hosted important shows such as "Today" and "CBS Evening News": 2 wds.


"It's no ___" ("Things are hopeless")

  • USE

Norwegian capital

  • OSLO


  • DARE

___ and zag

  • ZIG

Factory or a place for grinding

  • MILL

Clickable symbol on a computer screen

  • ICON

"___ not the end of the world"

  • ITS

Friend of Kyle and Eric on "South Park"

  • STAN

Shelter at a campsite

  • TENT

Door handle

  • KNOB

Grape soda brand that's Radar's favorite, on "M*A*S*H"

  • NEHI

Disney's "___ and the Detectives"

  • EMIL

"A Room of One's Own" author Virginia ___


Chirping bird seen in cities (Also, Johnny Depp's role in "The Pirates of the Caribbean")


Water sprayer on a fire truck

  • HOSE

Message sent via Internet, say through Gmail


Tech giants that make 26-Across


The word "Trojan Horse" is related to this city

  • TROY

Extra-virgin olive ___

  • OIL


  • ODD

He raised Thor and Loki

  • ODIN

"American Crime Story" actress ___ Taylor

  • LILI

Network that airs "Sherlock" in the U.S.

  • PBS

The NFL's Cardinals, on a scoreboard

  • ARI

Zero, in soccer scores

  • NIL

Title of respect for a knight

  • SIR

"___, drink and be merry!"

  • EAT

"This is what I think," in texting shorthand

  • IMO

Egyptian snake that killed Cleopatra

  • ASP

Italian car maker ___ Romeo

  • ALFA

US president assassinated by John Wilkes Booth


Former WNBA star Rebecca who's now an analyst for ESPN

  • LOBO

Components of molecules


Drop in on


Investigation of a tax return


Vessels for beer, at a party

  • KEGS

"___ Enchanted" (2004 Anne Hathaway movie)

  • ELLA

Competition for two or more drivers

  • RACE

Get wrinkles out of clothes

  • IRON

Fraction of a dollar

  • CENT

Submachine gun seen in many action movies

  • UZI

What you would do with a chair

  • SIT

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